Be it overlining lips, leaving harsh contour lines or applying way too much product in one swipe, there are a gazillion makeup mistakes most of us commit every day. And, to hide them, we apply heavy filters on our photos and videos, in hopes that no one can see these beauty blunders. To help you hone your MUA skills, we have listed common makeup mistakes most of us make and how to avoid them! Read on.
Overlining lips
If you haven’t been living under a rock, you must have seen how badly influencers like Kylie Jenner and models get trolled for overlining their lips. It is simply the worst thing you can do to yourself because it gives you a clown pout, which nobody likes. Instead, MUAs recommend that you use a nude lip liner to outline your lips and then use a blending brush to remove any harsh lines that may spoil your look. Use two similar lipsticks in similar shades to get an ombre effect, which gives the illusion of fuller and plumper lips. You can also use a plumping balm before applying lipstick to get that amazing pout.
Applying too much product at once
The more, the better, right? No, completely wrong! MUAs and beauty influencers have cracked the code to a flawless base and that is to apply thin layers of foundation on the skin to avoid any type of cakiness. Instead of applying 3-4 pumps of product on your face, take a damp beauty blender and work in sections. Use less product on areas you don’t need much coverage and apply multiple layers where you want to hide a blemish or scar. 
Not blending well
There’re literally a million memes going around social media to mock girls who don’t know how to blend their makeup. To perfect any look, everything from your blush to contour and eyeshadow to highlighter should be blended to perfection. For that, you must use high-quality and appropriate brushes/blenders.
Not prepping skin before makeup routine
Who applies makeup on dry, rough and dirty skin? No one! And, if you too do not want a nasty breakout or below-average makeup look, we recommend that you follow a Cleansing-Toning-Moisturising routine aka CTM routine before your beauty session.
Wrong placement of contour and highlighter
Your highlight and contour can either give you an instant lift or make your skin look droopy. By placing the contour and highlighter on the correct areas of your face, you can do wonders with your makeup routine. The placement of products depends on the shape of your face, so consult an MUA to know the correct technique of highlighting and contouring.

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