Fashion runways have finally returned to glamor and innovation. For years, fans of high fashion have seen the same three things: neutrals, monotonous model walks and predictable trend cycles.
This month has exceeded all expectations, a sight for the many who have remembered what the 90s and early 2000s brought: creativity. 
Starting off with the most celebrated runway this season. A combination by the designer brand  Coperni and supermodel Bella Hadid, the closing garment was created right before the audience with only a specialized spray. According to CNN, Hadid walked the runway in nude underwear before the creator of the fabric spray, Manel Torres and his team, sprayed the model to create a wearable dress. 
This technology is called Fabrican, a spider web-like spray that combines fibers and molds clothing to the wearer. The official Fabrican website reports, “Spray-on fabrics liberate product and apparel designers from the constraints imposed by the need for cutting to size, stitching, and fitting of traditional materials.” 
Dating all the way back to the early 2000s, this spray’s popularity has escalated during this show which now paves the way for more technological innovation in the fashion field. After only 10 minutes, Hadid walked the runway in the spray-on dress and closed the most talked about fashion show. This moment will surely remain in fashion history. 

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